Saturday, July 25, 2009

Losing Streak

24-6, 20-14 and 30-5. These were our scores this whole day and I have to admit, the team did not perform its best against those great teams. However, players who had real potential were observed. If Josh didn't leave us, perhaps, San Beda could have taken him instead.

Thursday, July 9, 2009


Trunks and Sylar again. This time, I believe Sylar was about three months old.

Sylar has now bloated his face. Soon you will see him as big as his tatay. Big and handsome.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The Shack

I've read the book. And yes, absolutely, you can really tell that I am skeptical. I find the book interesting, as a fiction, but theologically, it doesn't sound too good for me. I am not limiting God, or His powers or attributes. Perhaps, some could say that I had been conditioned to refuse any kind of mystical encounter with God. Hearing voices? yes. Healing miracles? yes. But God, personifying? It sounds too unbiblical for me. It has been foretold that Christ will return again. But I don't think it would be that. I don't think that Mackenze's pit would cause a sudden return of the Lord. No, I believe that He eyes farther, bigger. Nonetheless, some of the concepts of the author were really touching. As a whole, despite of my skeptical attitude, I've learned and has reinforced one truth in my life because of the book, that life without God is meaningless.

Jesus came to give us life, and have it to the full. And there it was in the book, alive and empowered.


Most students might have celebrated after learning that classes were suspended. But not with those who left their properties just to escape the harsh punch of the storm. Feria has taken lives, and has damaged properties. And until now, the weather forecast for Manila is suspended by whatever reason. Perhaps the storm has other plans. Anyway, I just hope that tomorrow will be bright. I myself need to finish my reports.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009


In solitude and cold,
I honestly cannot do anything,
not even to fart.
My mind's freaking me off.
I can't stand its terror,
it's too comical.
I just hope that there are better things to do during rainy days.
Keep it falling, soon, you'll find me trapped,
shivering, insane and helpless.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

The Board Marker

I was supposed to title this as chalk, but no, I no longer use that old-school teaching aid. The Board Marker, however, functions in the same way though there are great distinctions between the two. And obviously, I prefer using the latter.

So what's with the marker anyway? Nothing actually. I was actually hoping that I could write again anything about this coming school season but it seems that my head needs to rest. After all, I'd been spending hours memorizing the flags, the maps and their places and even great places to go. Familiar? Perhaps you are. I'm referring to Facebook's Geo Challenge and my countless hours over that interesting game. Maybe I should stop this Board Marker thing and rather see my just-downloaded film, "Facing the Giants". Oh.. I shouldn't have posted this, the Zealots are going to kill me for being unrighteous, or maybe throw a stone at me. Well, I can take the stones, JUST DON'T HIT MY LAPTOP! Or these zealots will find their selves becoming zealous on hiding.

Anyway, it's just me again and a bunch of non-sense things running on my fingers. I just hope that FOX reconsiders their statement about terminating The Sarah Connor Chronicles. I will surely miss Cameron, that lovely terminator.


And oh, the title, wasn't really something I've given thoughts. As I've said I need to rest... My systems are breaking down... Sorry for the disturbance. I promise that the next entries will be interesting.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

God and Evil II

After making some research, queries and surveys, I got convinced that EVIL was not created by God but was a part of His sovereign will. After all, I was so stupid not to see that evil is not even a thing that requires creation. As what has told me, evil has the same distinction with a hole, with darkness and heat and other parallel concepts. These things do not require creation. They didn't need God to say their creation words, no they never did. Rather, they just needed His approval to exist. These are absences of particular donuts, they do not tangibly exist, though intangibly yes. Darkness is just the absence of light, hole is just the absence of any solid thing, coldness is the absence of heat, so as evil is the absence of God. Now for those skeptics out there, let me clear the idea of God being omnipresent. This idea do not inhibit opposition to this God's great attribute. These are two different concepts and cannot be used at the same time. Anyway, God is sovereign. He knows better than what I think about this thingy, He's even far better than the monergists at and We just need to trust His intelligent design which at the end will stand victorious over evil. Because His presence will ever be shadowing us forever.